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Monthly  Subscription  Boxes

 Say                              to your new favorite subscription box! 


Delivered every month for only $65 (shipping included!)

Cancel anytime. 


Why you'll love your box!

Different delicious gluten and allergen free creations mailed directly to you each month


How it works: One time sign up, billed monthly, enjoy!

You will be billed the same day each month;

The box will  be shipped the 2nd Monday of the following month. 

Cut-off for receiving the monthly box is the last day of the prior month.

All box orders on or before the last day of the month will receive the next month's box. (e.g. Subscription orders between Feb 1 - Feb 28 will receive March box;  Subscription boxes ordered between March 1 - March 31 will receive April's box, etc.)



 Boxes will vary monthly - some examples below

Example: 12 cookies, 2 XL muffins, 6oz bag granola, 2 scone 

Example: 8 cookies, 3 XL muffins, 2x bars or loaf's, 1-2 swirl cake(s)

Example: 6 specialty cookies, 6oz granola, swirl cake, scone, XL muffin


Common FAQs

1. Do I have to sign up each month? No. After you initially subscribe you will  automatically be billed and receive a box each future month. 

2. Do I also have to pay for shipping? No, shipping is free with your monthly subscription -- make sure to use promocode SUBSCRIPTIONBOX20 to remove shipping before you check out. 

3. Can I add additional items to my box? Yes, you should place an order for pick-up and message me directly that you would like it included with your box. Additional $5 shipping will apply. 

4. How do I cancel? You can cancel your subscription box anytime. Please message me directly. 


May 2024 

Special Message from Julie's Table- 
Does anyone else feel like it's officially spring? I know it actually started back in March, but with the blossoming of lowers, and the plethora of vibrant lemons around it finally feels like spring has sprung -- and I've got to say, I'm loving it! ...And because of that, I am sure you've seen my  many IG posts online playing with some new recipes ... lemon blueberry muffins, lemon cookies, lemon frosting, lemon bars, and the list goes on. I am thrilled to announce the launch of my newest granola -- LEMON craisin, and its divine! 

Included in your box: banana sunbutter muffins, oatmeal protein bars, melting moments cookies, lemon craisin granola, and another seasoning blend of my own I call Heat 'n' Sweet (best uses are included on the label -- happy cooking friends!)

Reminder - care/heating instructions for goodies is included on the top insert in the box. 

JT- Julie.JPG

March 2024

Thank you to everyone who signed up for a monthly subscription box, I can't wait to get your feedback and hear what you think. 

Included in your box: raspberry muffins, oatmeal craisin bars, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon granola and a special thank you item -- one of my favorite seasoning creations! Seasonings can be VERY tricky for people with food allergies so I thought I'd share one of my favorites (and most requested!) poultry/vegetable seasonings. Uses are included on the tag, happy cooking friends! 

Reminder - please use the insert on the top of the box with care/re-heating instructions for your goodies. 

JT- Julie.JPG
Box of Cupcakes
Box Delivery

April 2024

Included in your box: cinnamon roll muffins, snickerdoodles, pumpkin loaves, banana granola and a special thank you item -- PROTEIN BITES! I find go-to snacks to be one of the hardest things to manage with food allergies, so I've created these protein bites that have 4g of protein each covered with a little unsweetened chocolate and sea salt flakes. I hope you enjoy! 


Reminder - please use the insert on the top of the box with care/re-heating instructions for your goodies. 

JT- Julie.JPG
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