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Allergy bakery

All About Us

Hi! My name is Julie and I am thrilled to share our story with you. I say "our story" as the creation of Julie's Table would never have existed without my beautiful and strong daughter Evelyn. Evelyn came into this world with her twin brother Wade in full force, and little did I know what I was getting myself into. It was a whirlwind from the get-go when both babies were rushed to the NICU. Within a week, it was apparent that something was 'wrong.' By the time Evelyn was 3 weeks old, she was covered in rashes, struggling with respiratory concerns and genuinely seemed uncomfortable. The doctor's assured us it was 'normal' and stemmed from her "being a girl with hormones."

Over the next month I was at my wits end (not to mention quite sleep deprived with 2-month-old twins!) and the real fun was just beginning ... we had to trial and error diapers as she would get "burns" from certain brands, we accidentally peeled her skin off with the band-aids the doctor's put on after 2 month shots, and the hardest of all --managing the never ending scratching. The poor girl itched from head to toe and would scratch to the point she bled (and yes, we taped her gloves on!). So once again, I went back to the internet and to the doctor only to be told again she was "a girl with hormones."

I finally realized it had to be me as I was her only source of food. I immediately started a food log and tracked daily how she looked, how she behaved, how she scratched, rashes she had, etc. -- and it all started coming into focus.

I made an appointment with a pediatric allergist and brought in my logs of data, details, and information (as if I was going into battle). The doctor looked right at me and said "I've been doing this for 40 years and no child has that many allergies." After a few choice words on my part, the doctor agreed to run the tests I had requested. A week later, Evelyn was diagnosed with the most mind-blowing food allergies I could have imagined -- and it was just the beginning

Her initial results were positive for all Top 8 allergies (eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish) plus sesame. Over the next couple months and years that list of 9 grew, until it ultimately reached the whopping number 36. Yep, 36 food allergies. And because of this,  Julie's Table was created. I understand how hard food allergies can be as I have Celiac (gluten allergy), but to witness the struggle of food allergies in your children (or grand-children, nieces, nephews, friends), is heart-breaking.

I hope Julie's Table can help you, or someone you know enjoy the same indulgences without the risk. Because everyone deserves to have a cupcake, enjoy some pie, or eat another cookie :) on their birthday -- and every other day of the year. Let us help you make this possible. 

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